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There are so many variables to a
home’s market value, it’s impossible for these national search engines to be
truly accurate. That being said, some web sites below can be a good first step
to selling your home or finding out your homes real market value. Warning: the
estimate may vary.

The internet searches vary from hard
to navigate and having to give your personal information to easy and quick home
value estimates. I searched through many of the Google first page results to
save you time. Below are sites that I found easy to navigate, fast, with tons
of helpful information. I did not have to give any of my personal information.

Quick and easy online searches

Zillow has been around for years and is a very user friendly and fairly



Ziprealty was pretty nice. It
gave me a “Zip Quote” 3 different estimates from 3 different sites. Only
problem here is one was 100k too high. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.


Chase: very easy quick results


Home value map was also a very good site, but was a little low on that
particular property.


Finding that sweet spot (market value) is extremely complex. It
requires hard work, experience and market knowledge.

The appraiser has to be satisfied or the deal could be dead. The
buyer has to feel like they have received a fair price. The seller needs to
know that the realtor priced the home
right, used the latest marketing techniques for maximum worldwide exposure,
negotiated the highest price
possible and sold the home fast with little hassle. Would you trust
thousands of dollars to just any Realtor?